omg YA GURL DREW SOMETHING [finally] !!!!!
It’s yep my trainer J with Mimikyuuuuuuu~ god I love Mimikyu SO MUCH. Click here for a more covered up version of this~
I rushed this kinda sorta sorry also this was drawn a long time ago and I didn’t finish it until now. owo OWO
the eggplant wallpaper was made with a custom brush I made for a Bee n Puppycat drawing oops
Noncon warning, ahegao warning, torture warning** mindbreak warning, rape warning (while I meant for this to be mindbreak/noncon the Mimikyu is holding her arm because Mimikyu honestly believes it’s showing J how much it loves her despite all the mindbreak going on yea)

**I would actually consider this piece to be torturous because just FYI having my glasses taken away from me for any reason is actually complete torture to me because I cannot see or perceive depth without them and I actually feel like I'm on the brink of insanity without them SO YEAH. OWO?!?!?!

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