Future Draws

No details. You can inquire but I may/may not have details on pairings/characters/etc. and I don’t often do specific suggestions. I’m very stubborn about ship pairings. This is just a loose list of what I have in store for future drawings, it’s a general info guide for myself to stay organized. It is constantly being updated.
Some things have a definite end (i.e. drawing all Pokemon in my team in a game) and some do not (games where there are tons of characters and more being added in the future).

Video Games
Diablo 3
Pokemon Blue (I have to guess their genders :\)
Pokemon SoulSilver
Pokemon Moon
Pokemon Sun
Pokemon X
Pokemon Diamond
Pokemon Pearl
Pokemon Go
Pokemon Let's Go Eevee
Stardew Valley
Neopets (count this as a game pls)
Heroes of the Storm
World of Warcraft
Furcadia (when I return)
Animal Crossing
Rune Factory 4
Megaman Battle Network (same as NT Warrior)

Anime TV Shows
Digimon s1/s2/s4
Megaman NT Warrior
Oban Star Racers
Eureka 7
My Hero Academia
Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Other TV Shows
Steven Universe
Littlest Pet Shop
My Little Pony

Planned Doujins
Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Last updated: 12/11/18 9:14PM

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