Taokaka demands food (mild blood)

Someone tricked Taokaka into thinking that she could get food by *ahem* sUcKiN' DiCk!!!!!!!! She's not real happy that all she got was a mouthful of cream. she'll probably try to squeeze more cream out >w>
I'm going to a convention to table later this month! I wanted to upload a piece before I left and I leave the beginning of August. I've actually had this piece done for a few yrs but it was in my backlog and today was the day to finish it!!!!
I hope you enjoy it!

Strong Girl Becomes Sub

This is one of my very few (currently) bondage pieces hhhhhhotttt!!! >w< I love bondage, but I haven't done too much. It's soooo hot to me to imagine a big, strong, muscle, dominant person in a submissive position so naturally I chose big strong female Incineroar and put her in a harness and some tape and a blindfold. =w= Love it soooo much.

Fem ones above, futa below.

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Mistress Fiora Teaches a Lesson

Mistress Fiora!!! ;> She's a good teacher.
This is actually an 8.5x11 print AND a bookmark if you see me at a convention as of now I still have stock! :3 Hope you all enjoy!

Yugi Magician Girl

This is the NSFW version of the Yugi Magician Girl I did on my SFW account, check that out here (link opens to Twitter!). Please check it out! ;> This was a lot of fun to do. I looooove DMG -but- Yugi was one of my very first animu crushes hhhhh oh my god he's ssssooo cute. And I mean Yugi, not Yami >>;;;; ggrrr. Anyway yes. THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORT! <3

Lucoa x Dunsparce

This is the NSFW version of Lucoa and Dunsparce pic that I did on my SFW art account (click here to check that out, link goes to Twitter!). Lucoa and Dunsparce are like fallen legendary serpents so I thought they fit together well. =w= weeee. Thanks all for the support!!!

Undyne Chinese New Year (I mades these into prints!)

Happy Chinese New Year! <3
I did one post every year since 2016, all with the Undertale characters as Chinese New Year theme! And I'm happy to say 2019 was my final(?) year with Undyne! Since she's a feesh, she's got some gold coins and also firecrackers for her personality. Thanks all for the support! ;)
I made these into prints! If you catch me at a convention I do sell the SFW versions of these as 8.5x11 prints! You can buy one or buy them all! :> It would mean a lot to me if you did buy any of them!! aaa!!!

Here is a compile of all the girls together SFW versions with the years:

And here are the rest of the pieces (one NSFW and one bright SFW)

Alphys, Toriel, and Muffet!

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