Guine's OCs

Guinefur, the female anthro mouse (fursona/furry OC).
Guine is an anthropomorphic champagne-coloured mouse with purple and pink hair. She is somewhat chubby and she likes to read books. When she’s nervous, she fiddles around with her glasses.
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Giddyflirt, the female unicorn (ponysona/pony OC). 
Giddy is a female unicorn who lives somewhere in Equestria. She is an erotic artist and also specializes in magic/making potions pertaining to eros love. She’s very kind but sometimes can go overboard with her feelings and can be very impulsive at times. She has one-sided romantic feelings for Nurse Redheart, a nurse pony she met while passing through Ponyville. When she draws she ties her hair up in a ponytail.
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Glyneira, the female bakeneko/futakuchi-onna (monster girl).
Glyn is a very chubby, playful, fairy-like feline. Her mother is a bakeneko/futakuchi-onna and her father is a cat sìth. Her long, thick hair ends in a head she lovingly refers to as “hairface,” a non-verbal monstrosity that is the equivalent to a sister or pet that is forever attached to Glyneira  Hairface communicates with Glyneira in various tonal growls. Glyneira also really likes Celtic music.
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Jenna, the female Pokemon trainer/researcher (Pokemon OC).
J was born and raised in the Johto region but currently resides in Unova as a Pokemon researcher while sometimes traveling to other regions for fieldwork. J greatly admires Professor Juniper but has little to no contact with her at all, but hopes to become a prominent Pokemon professor just like Juniper. J’s human love interest is Fennel, besides Fennel J has a very special loving bond with all the Pokemon she parties up with.
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[reserved], the female gorgon (monster girl).
[reserved for future updates].
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