Merry Christmas everyone! <3
This is Susie x Noelle from Deltarune! >////< Susie is futa in this piece (delicious) and looks like she gave Noelle a nice Christmas present o////o;! eep.
If you're wondering what Susie's wearing, she's wearing a Christmas sweater that Noelle has given her and it says Gruss Von Krampus (if you're not familiar with the saying it's basically Greetings from Krampus). I'm actually going to make this sweater IRL XD
Overall, proud of my drawing! The girls look adorable, the background was difficult but I did it ;O Happy Holidays Merry Christmas!


So Tumblr has done the dirty and closed me off from my NSFW art blog. Get this: Even though I can sign in, I cannot EVEN LOOK AT MY OWN BLOG. I cannot see any of it. None. Even though it belongs to me. Even if I can edit the theme, the HTML, no avail, it won't even let me see my changes or look at my blog. It's so upsetting. I started that blog in 2014 and I've posted so much art from 2014-2018. Heartbreaking. I am eventually going to move all my stuff over here and have this be an archive.

Tumblr - Going out with a bang (literally)

It seems that the protocol everyone is taking for the whole Tumblr thing is: Don't go out quietly, delete and do not log into Tumblr on Dec. 17th. So to go out with a (literal) bang I posted this on Tumblr. :D It's Susie x Noelle from Deltarune!

Under construction, use my Tumblr URL

It's still up, till Dec 17th:

I'm moving my domain here for the time being. So don't use it anymore because this will be heavily under construction while I try to figure out how to manage things over here... so yeah! <3

This is a birthday drawing for a very sweet and cute camgirl (here’s the link to her Twitter!) as Poison Ivy! Very custom piece (it has her tattoos, belly piercing, and glasses), and came out very pretty and cute! Hope you all like, and please send my girl Caitlyn some love (and please be respectful, thank you!!!!)~ <3