Undyne Chinese New Year (I mades these into prints!)

Happy Chinese New Year! <3
I did one post every year since 2016, all with the Undertale characters as Chinese New Year theme! And I'm happy to say 2019 was my final(?) year with Undyne! Since she's a feesh, she's got some gold coins and also firecrackers for her personality. Thanks all for the support! ;)
I made these into prints! If you catch me at a convention I do sell the SFW versions of these as 8.5x11 prints! You can buy one or buy them all! :> It would mean a lot to me if you did buy any of them!! aaa!!!

Here is a compile of all the girls together SFW versions with the years:

And here are the rest of the pieces (one NSFW and one bright SFW)

Alphys, Toriel, and Muffet!

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