Outdoor Training, WHONK!

Axel was one of my first villagers in ACNH... and for some reason he's always like hhhhhh at me? <3 He's cute and I had a lot of horny screenshots from him. And yeah I've been playing HELLA Animal Crossing because of well you know quarantine ><;;; Hope you're all doing okay. I still have not gotten any Coronavirus symptoms but I'm still staying home and stuff cuz well I'm by default a shut-in hahahahaa 8D
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Gifs of my stickers

So I'm addicted to Animal Crossing New Horizons yep and I decided to
1. Draw a gijinka
2. Make it lewd
Decided to do this little My Melody deer named Chelsea she's way cute anyway here's a pic of her getting fugged hope you like it!
Oh yeah and I have a new photopack that is out (I did it after I was laid off my job and before the COVID-19 pandemic so this is all we're gettin for a while) and you can purchase that at my Etsy store here!
k see ya it's back to silly animal land for me *immediately turns on the Switch* OWO

Dewott x Trainer J

I finally finished this a year later! Took so long cuz this was the pic I was working on when I broke my thumb and then I had to wait like almost a year and now it's completed wooohooo!
My Trainer J with my friend's Dewott!

Sticker Designs owo

I tried to do kind of a vaporwave-eque style for these sticker designs. Here are a few cute anime girls! The two on the top left are my OCs. And as you can see, I love boobies all shapes and sizes <3 <3 <3 BOOBIES ok hi owo

This was inspired by a hot wet dream that I had X////X wooooops. I decided to make it a Christmas thingy hehehe.
Thank you all so much for the support this year!!! Merry Christmas!!!

Christmas and Budoir Purchasable Photoshoot (pack of over 30 images for $6!)

Hey all! I did a photoshoot! Very first one that I have released to the public. There are over 30 images in the pack, you can purchase it here: [redacted]
If you do not receive the digital download thank you email/message after purchase, please DM me on Etsy and I'll get you sorted out.

Hex Maniac Ghost Gang(bang)

Hello! After several months of waiting for my dominant hand to recover I give you this!

Also my hand is getting better and I can draw again! Thank you all for the support and love! Please enjoy this new drawing ;w; sowey it's been a while. Thank you for like and RT, too!

Isabelle All Tied Up (pixel animation)

The bad news is my hand is still asdfghjk'd up, but the good news is... I can kind of do pixel art? ouo;;;? I'm still really new to this, thanks for bearing with me. =w=;; Animated version. Still image: https://twitter.com/Guinefurrie/status/1177072694619062272?s=20

Guinefurrie Enamel Pin

Some of you have asked how you can help support me and my artistic endeavors ^^ Which is really sweet, thank you! You can purchase an $8 pin from me at my online shop: [redacted] Thank you for being such lovely people!

God is a woman (and belongs to Homura)

Basically, Madoka is a sad show but I live for Madoka x Homura and I needed you all to know this owo

Taokaka demands food (mild blood)

Someone tricked Taokaka into thinking that she could get food by *ahem* sUcKiN' DiCk!!!!!!!! She's not real happy that all she got was a mouthful of cream. she'll probably try to squeeze more cream out >w>
I'm going to a convention to table later this month! I wanted to upload a piece before I left and I leave the beginning of August. I've actually had this piece done for a few yrs but it was in my backlog and today was the day to finish it!!!!
I hope you enjoy it!

Strong Girl Becomes Sub

This is one of my very few (currently) bondage pieces hhhhhhotttt!!! >w< I love bondage, but I haven't done too much. It's soooo hot to me to imagine a big, strong, muscle, dominant person in a submissive position so naturally I chose big strong female Incineroar and put her in a harness and some tape and a blindfold. =w= Love it soooo much.

Fem ones above, futa below.

Again everyone, thank you so much for all your support! If you ever want to talk, catch me on Discord guinefurrie#7190 or message me on my Twitter account and I'll do my best to reply to you! If I don't reply, just gently remind me because your message might've gotten buried or I didn't see it! ^^;